Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The best Traffic Exchanges: Do they really work?

About 3 months ago i started an experiment using the one of the best traffic exchange sites: TRAFFIC SWARM. Its a manual traffic exchange were you click on other peoples ads to gain credits which in return you use to promote your ads. You have to be logged on to the persons site for at least 20 seconds before you can click on another ad to gain more credits.

For this experiment i decided to test out squeeze pages, opt-in pages, blogs, and affiliate program landing pages. The majority of these pages were geared towards Internet marketers.

With traffic swarm you can have a maximum of 10 ads at once per account(for the free account). So i opened 4 accounts and ran 10 ads for each of the 4 categories described above.

I tried using large and small boxes for the ads as well.

So after getting 300 page views for each of the 40 pages(12000 total) how did my experiment fair?

I got 3 opt ins out of 6000 page views(blogs & opt-in pages). and zero sales in total(from affiliate links and squeeze pages). I did however receive 4 additional back links and out of the page views.

In the beginning i didn't expect much to happen. I knew it would be full of other Internet marketers by myself. The majority of my pages were getting opt in rates around 15-25% and i generally get sales in the 1-3% range.

What these results told me is that its a big waste of time unless you can get alot of credits, put it on autopilot and forget about it.But sitting there day and day out click click click is a waste of time. If you preferred to buy credits it ,may work out favorably for you. In order for that to be worth your while you will need to calculate the CPA(cost per acquisition of a customer). You calculate this by dividing the total amount spent on advertising and dividing it by the # of people that either purchased something from you or or opted-in.

So in conclusion it is a waste of time to click to earn credits but may be worth your while to buy the credits and put it on autopilot. From my understanding pretty much all manual traffic exchanges work the same way so i don't think this strategy will work on another traffic exchange other than traffic swarm. If you still want to try yourself i'd recommend since your account with them accesses over 55+ traffic exchanges. Its like killing 55 birds with one stone.

Let me know in the comment section if you have found a way to make traffic exchanges work for you. In the future i will be posting more of my money making experiments.

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