Friday, September 11, 2009

17 Free Adsense Blogs to make money with

When i first decided i was going to try this Internet marketing thing i had barely no idea what blogging was or where the hell to start. I've decided to compile a list of 17 free adsense blogs that you can make money from AdSense revenue and other ppc advertising like bidvertiser that is totally free. Some are better than others do to page rank, versatility etc. So i included the PR of each site and a few comments from my experience with them. The other most common way to make money is by email marketing so included if they allow opt-in boxes.

Some of these sites offer more of a static page rather than a blog like hubpages or squidoo but there is an element of communication you can have with views through comments so I included them.

I hope this will get you started off on the right foot. When i first started i couldn't find all this information in one spot but was scattered all over the net that is why i wrote this post. I also put them in order of Page Rank.

  1. PR8 allows not only AdSense but all other forms of PPC advertising and affiliate links. Since its free its my fist choice also. But beware that it is owed by google, and i have heard complaints from some bloggers that they have had their blog deindexed so make sure you abide by their policies. You can also put opt-in boxes there.
  2. PR7 allows PPC advertising but you cannot choose by who. They allow affiliate links but no opt-in boxes(although I've head there is a way around this). Pretty easy to set-up.This is a static page rather than a blog.
  3. PR6 is another static page rather than a blog. Allows AdSense and other PPC advertising. Very easy to set-up. Allows opt-in boxes
  4. PR6 allows PPC advertising but you cannot choose. The layout of the blogs for blogdrive are a little inflexible unless you upgrade by paying. You can still post aff links though and put an opt-in box here though as well as ads in the sidebar area and in posts.
  5. PR6 allows ppc advertising and opt-in boxes. I had trouble getting an account though. After i signed up i never received my verification email thus i couldn't log in.HMMM
  6. PR5 allows AdSense and aff links as well as opt-in boxes
  7. PR5 allows PPC advertising, aff links and opt-in boxes also. As well it is one of the biggest UK blogging communities. So if you want access to foreign markets here ya go.
  8. Infobarrel PR4 allows AdSense very easy to set-up . This is more of a static page as well
  9. Bloghi PR$ allows PPC advertising and opt-in boxes.
  10. Netcipica PR4 allows advertising and you to actually charge a monthly or annual fee for your expertise on a subject.If you already have some authority in an offline business this may be a great way to turn it into an extra income stream
  11. PR4 allows AdSense and other PPC as well as opt-in box's and aff links
  12. SHoutpost PR4 allows you to run your own ads has recently been acquired by tblog. You will have to sign up with tblog.
  13. PR4 Biggest drawback is that you have to run AdSense ads in your template other than that its very easy to use
  14. PR3 alot like blogtext takes only seconds to set up.
  15. PR2 uses wordpress software so you have access to all those sweet plug-ins on the net for free. Very versatile and easy to use. I would recommend this over not you have to pay for the hosting).
  16. PR2 Has tons of AdSense blocks all over the page. There is a possibility to make big $ here if you do your KWR properly despite the low PR rating you don't always need a high PR to rank well
  17. PR2 uses worpress software also. Pretty much excatly like blogpico except without the community. On the other hand solobis gives you tuturials on how to makw money with a blog.
  18. Weebly PR7 which is a last minute addition and should put it near the top. Its extremely easy to use. You earn 50% of the adsense revenues created from this account.
  19. Xanga PR which is another last minute addition allows adsense only for the premium account which can be attained by getting credits through writing promo posts on your free basic account .
All in all if you start with the higher page ranked blogs you will have a better chance at ranking well and thus getting traffic as long as you do your key word research properly. If you have a little more experience though with SEO then i would recommend some of the lower ranked blogs like blogpico,infobarrel and blogono or solobis for ease of use,versatility, & ease of monetization.

Let me know if you liked my post. I will be posting more about getting traffic in the near future. If i find any more free adsense blogs in the future i will write a follow up post.

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