Thursday, September 24, 2009

Social Medias Influence: Higher income earners use for reviews

A recent study by marketing research group AD-ology showed that higher income earners are social media influenced as to determine how and who they will use for home maintenance or repair services. A fairly big group at nearly 30%. Even if this study is skewed a little I'm sure its close. A few main points to take home from the study were:

1)Across all demographics, positive and negative comments were the most influential types of social media
2)For other online media types, ratings Web sites were the most influential, followed by contractors’ Web sites.
3)The top three influential traditional media types were newspaper, Yellow Pages, and direct mail.
4)Licensing/bonding was the most important factor in the choice of a service provider in the Northeast
5)Nearly 7% of respondents had home maintenance done because of the need for emergency repair
6)Of traditional media types, Yellow Pages had the most influence on 65 to 74 year olds

So how can you use this as a blog traffic strategy?
1)If you are promoting a site or blog in home repair or home services you know there is some decent traffic and that your can inflience people by possibly starting a forum answering questions related to this area or start questions or answer then in yahoo answers which is ranking well these days
2)Having a web property in this area you need to be geo-targeting or targeting a local niche
so make sure this is reflected in your keywords.
3)If you are directly involved in a product or service site in this area make sure you show information about licensing and bonding. If you are doing afiliate sales make sure the site you are promoting has this infomation available
4)You could drive traffic to your web property by advertsing in the traditional media which directs them to your site.
5)Your keywords could target an emergency service needed in this area such as flooding, leaky roofs or gas leaks

If you want a copy of the original report by D-ology go --->here<----

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