Monday, March 19, 2012

Matt Cutts on the future of SEO in Google

Last Friday Matt Cutts of google was at a panel discussion last week at the SXSW and let a bomb drop.

"What about the people optimizing really hard and doing a lot of SEO. We don't normally pre-announce changes but there is something we are working in the last few months and hope to release it in the next months or few weeks. We are trying to level the playing field a bit. All those people doing, for lack of a better word, over optimization or overly SEO - versus those making great content and great site. We are trying to make GoogleBot smarter, make our relevance better, and we are also looking for those who abuse it, like too many keywords on a page, or exchange way too many links or go well beyond what you normally expect. We have several engineers on my team working on this right now."

If you are a thin affiliate your days are numbered. Time to focus on high quality authority sites and be careful with your linking strategy 

Listen to the whole panel discussion  

Have you been affected by the new panda updates this year? I know a lot of people have. That's why you need a diversified traffic plan. Too many people have an SEO centric strategy but you can see now that's risky business. Keep reading this blog and I'll show you many strategies for getting traffic. Some involve SEO shortcuts but the majority will not. I've already gotten screwed over by Google in adwords too many times and learned my lesson the hard way.

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