Thursday, June 28, 2012

How to write good articles fast

Since I started in internet marketing the one skill that I have found the most useful besides how to promote properly is creating original quality content.

After all the value you provide is generally tied to how much you earn online. since most of the value you provide if information then you need to provide the lots of high quality information.

You can never have enough original articles especially if you are doing any kind of blogging and article marketing and as Google is getting more and more slap happy with scraped and spun content. All this gets amplified the more sites you have.

If you are like me then you want to be able to pump out articles as quickly as possible.

A couple strategies I have been using with success and will never go out of style

Strategy Number 1

This first strategy I only use on blogs that aren't ranking well yet without much traffic and usually I use this on my satellite sites that lead to my main money site.

First Write a quick article focused on a long tail keyword. Add 2 or 3 main points to the article. I usually make these articles around the 250 word count. Always add an image,video, or audio. Images alone are easy to rank for and can bring some serious traffic.

If you focus on keywords with less than 20,000 competing pages in exact search then usually you can rank pretty quickly. Get a couple links and leave it.

Now what you can do is wait for the article to get some traffic organically and watch the bounce rate, comments on it or CTR of your link in the article. If bounce rate is too high obviously it needs some work. Then when you have time go back and add some more quality to it.

Strategy #2

Curate the content. This one i use on my main sites similar to the first except I don't usually have to redo the article again.

The layout of the curated content is this

long TAIL KW TITLE(have a preselected list to choose from)

INTRO PARAGRAPH (with image from different site)





Other Resources

An eBook I bought a year ago by Jason Fladien was terrific called the 7 minute article. The ebook is not hat big and looks cheesy but don't that that fool you. if you use his principals they will save you so much time.

There are also some curated content software's being release. I am currently trying out different ones hoping it will save some time. so far I m finding they are not worth the money. I find its just affective to have 2 or 3 news sites in Google alerts for broad kws to pick from or even just use Google search or news.

Other Tips

The big thing to keep in mind is urgency when you are writing. I time myself and don't worry about spelling mistakes until all main points are taken care of.

Make sure all distractions are taken care of so you can focus

Believe it or not it took me 20 minutes to write this article

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