Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Website Conversion Checklist

I watched a video from MindValley the other day under the analytics tab that talks about boosting conversions. Basically the more you improve each one of these areas will increase your conversions (quality and performance)on your site.

time on site
conversion rates(leads,sales)
page rank
inbound links
funnel conversion
open rates/ctr's
unsubscription rate/spam rate
active leads
lifetime value
consumption/ downloads

solutions found from split tests by mindvalley

1)social integrations like fb like buttons improved conversions by 2% just

2)testimonials(face book reviews work well. Its more real time and doesn't seem as made up

3)lightbox popup pages (not allowed in google AdWords)

4)using a sideways order menu increased conversions over a vertical order menu

5)free shipping especially if customers are from another country(even worked on digital products);)

6)rearrangement of order page(see video for it)

7)putting a phone number tied to a skype account increased conversion by 8%

See mindavalley project done on squeezepage for silva life systems

Checkout Mindvalley videos on conversion tactics

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